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Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Veer and Armaan fight. Veer says how did you fall for a girl just like Kaviya? You could never forget my Kaviya. Armaan shouts Eisha isn’t Kaviya. You can’t punish her for what happened 100 years ago. Armaan throws him and says you can repent now. Kaviya was my love and you took her from me. You’re after my thigns. what I want you want as well. This time let me take what’s yours. Stop me in you can.

Jenny says Armaan is so hot. Eisha says shut up. She says he’s chocolate ice cream. Eisha says he’s vanilla. She says you’ve to help me set up with him. Do you like him too? Eisha says are you crazy? I will get you both become friends.
Armaan and Veer run. Meher comes to the kitchen. She is confused how se was able ot lit candle by just looking at it. They go out. They play truth or dare. Jenny says Eisha your dare is you have to wear my dress. She says it’s too small. Jenny says you have to. Armaan rings the bell outside. Eisha opens the door. It’s Armaan. She’s wearing Jenny’s dress. She says sorry.. come in. Armaan locks the door. Veer is outside. He says my mission is much bigger than Eisha but I like this fear on your face. Eisha asks all good?> He says sorry i left abruptly. Eisha says let me get water. She falls. Armaan holds her. Jenny and Meher come. Jenny hugs Armaan. She says you came here for me right? Let’s start with somethign special. do you have a gf? Will you go on a date with me? Eisha says say yes. He says sure. Who wouodln’t want to go out with a girl like you. There’s one problem, I like your friend Eisha. They’re shocked. Jenny syas your loss. She leaves.

Amraan says I can’t give her false hope. I came here for you only. Meher also leaves. He says I am sorry I said it so abruptly.

Scene 2
Jenny is crying. Veer comes to her. He says why are you crying here? Jenny says I will die sngle. I will never find ove. He says you will. She says I am Jenny, he says Veer. Jenny asks I’ve nevr seen you before. He says I am new here, might have come for you. She says thanks, I feel better. Jenny says I will intorduce you to my friends. Let’s go for a drink. She looks abck, he’s gone. Veer comes outside Eisha’s house and gets into her brain. She drems of being with him. She gets up and says what was that.

Scene 2
Jenny serves food at the cafe. Vihaan tells Jenny thanks for takign Sarah’s work. she’s not well. She said a wolf attacked her. Armaan comes to the jungle and shouts Veer. Veer says are you obssessed wiith me? He says do yu know what happened with Tej here? Veer says he was weak like you but not me. You a wolf, don’t forget it. VEer says you remind me of childhood. See I got blood for you. Armaan shoves him. Armaan says Sarah will tell everyoen you attacked him. Veer says can I delete her memory? Yes but not you because you don’t drink blood.

Vihaan takes drugs. Eisha comes. She says don’t do this. He says I can’t see Sarah like this. Eisha hugs him and says she will be fine. Armaan coems there and erases Sarah’s memory. Police comes there. Inspector asks Sarah what happened? She says an animal attacked me. Vihaan sees Armaan. Eisha wonders why was he there.

Scene 3
At night, Eisha comes to Armaan’s place. The woman says who are you? She says I am Eisha, Armaan’s friend. Eisha goes in. Veer looks at her. She says you? He says I am Armaan’s brother. She says Armaan never told me. He says Armaan would on time. He was broken after Kaviya. I am happy you came to hsi life now. She says who Kaviya? He says people date. But my brother does true love. He says love happens once only. Kaviya was everything to Armaan. He was broken after she left. Then you came to his life. He said he would fall in love only once. So I was thninking if you’re a rebound. He never even looked at another girl ever after Kaviya. Then I saw you ttoday adn realized why he chose you. she says what do you mean? Armaan says come with me. He’s about to show her Kaviya’s painting. Armaan comes there. VEer says Kaviya’s painting got burned last night. Armaan coems there. Veer says you didn’t tell her about Kaviya? Tell her she’s not a rebound. Armaan says Eisha please go from here. She leaves.

Scene 4
Armaan asks Meher do you know where Eisha is? She says I dont’ know. Meher feels weird around him. Eisha cries at home. Malini hugs her. She says I feel so alone after mama papa. I don’t know why did Armaan hide things from me. Everyone has a past but why would he hide it. I told him everrything. I felt like I don’t even know him. Malini says give him sometime. Cherry called for you. Armaan calls on her number. Malini asks her to talk. Armaan says I know Sorry won’t do anything. I didn’t want to hide anything. Eisha says we are going to see sun eclipse. Coem there. He says what? She says yes, come there. We can talk there. Veer reads their rule that their truth comes out when they go out in sun. Veer laughs adn says what will you do now?
Inspector shows MP book about wolves. They come to a cave. He says everythign would come in front of us today Maya.

Scene 5
Eisha says if Armaan doesn’t come today I will have my answers. Cheery waits for Veer. Eisha’s friend comes to him. He says Eisha I know you left but I still love you. She says Laksh we are just friends now. He says because of Armaan? She says I can’t explain anymore. Eisha says Armaan you have to come today. Armaan holds her.

Episodes End.

Telecast Date : 14th February 2023
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot
Video Source : HD Stream Player

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